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Happy 50th Anniversary, The Griffin Report


Many changes have taken place in the grocery industry during the past 50 years including the large number of retailer and wholesaler consolidations and closings, foreign ownerships, emergence of new retail formats, increased competition, more diversified shoppers, and the growth of social media and on-line businesses.

What has been constant throughout all these changes is the probing reporting and news provided by The Griffin Report.  From the founding of the publication by John Griffin, now in the able hands of his son, Kevin, The Griffin Report continues to be the “eyes and ears” of the supermarket industry in the Northeast. What is equally impressive is that the presentation of the information still manages to have a “down home” and personal perspective.

One of the many fond memories that most us who were early readers of The Griffin Report looked forward to was the report published annually listing who were the “toughest buyers” to do business with in New England.  We all looked with anticipation to see if anyone we knew was on that list!

As the industry changed, so did The Griffin Report.  When Kevin took over the reins, he expanded the coverage to include the Southeast market along with adding the C store, discount and restaurant channels.  He also established a modern website, and a successful electronic marketing division called “Griffin Connect”.

Besides providing expanded coverage and informative articles, The Griffin Report also started to report local and regional sales statistics to keep everyone abreast of the market trends and category rankings.  As non-foods began to play a more prominent role in supermarkets, we were particularly happy to see The Griffin Report increase its coverage and reporting of the non-foods business, and the important contribution it makes as a core category in supermarkets.

So, as The Griffin Report celebrates its 50th anniversary, we offer Kevin, and the entire Griffin team, our warmest congratulations for all they have achieved, with thanks for your friendship and for keeping all of us well-informed.