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Michael Sleeper
Imperial Distributors

Big Y at 80! A Model for Staying Power

The grocery industry has gone through many changes, yet Big Y supermarkets has stayed true to the values of its founders and has adapted and flourished. This year Big Y is celebrating its 80th Anniversary.

Having the opportunity to work closely with Big Y and the D’Amour family for over 25 years, I have experienced firsthand those values which give Big Y staying power, and continue to make them a model for our industry. These core values are timeless.

Customer Service

The culture at Big Y is one of doing “whatever it takes” to serve its customers. When you walk through any of their stores you readily see that Big Y is committed to hiring and training associates who exceed shopper expectations.


The D’Amours have never forgotten their roots as a hard working family enterprise who value their associates, shoppers and business partners – and that engenders loyalty. Associates are treated like members of the family. Recently, the Northeast Employees Association awarded Big Y “The Employer of Choice Award”.

Big Y continues to re-invest in their stores which create a world class shopping experience. And, for their business partners, the Big Y team builds loyalty by generating a collaborative working relationship based on mutual respect.


The D’Amours place a high value on giving back to the community. Big Y’s annual scholarship program and its generous philanthropy in support of dozens of community service programs, has been recognized nationally and sets the standard for our industry.


It started with Paul and Gerry, and continued with Donald, Charlie and Claire. And today, Michael, Nicole, Matt, Maggie, Colin and Christian are taking charge. This third generation is keeping the core values alive and leading with the same spirit and commitment to customers, suppliers, associates and community that they learned from their parents and grandparents.
The D’Amour family has been a great business partner and special friend. Our strong relationship with the Big Y team has made us a better company.

We congratulate Big Y and the D’Amour family on their 80th Anniversary and honor them for their success, charitable contributions and impressive staying power.